Frank Weermeijer

“Gejo dived deep into IT issues and with resilience emerged with a working infrastucture. I would like to recommend his knowledge of systems and most noteworthy his stamina to keep engaging with his team in difficult circumstances.”

— Frank Weermeijer,Directeur Manpower Nederland, Frank worked directly with Gejo at ManpowerGroup

Jannes Alink

“I had the pleasure to work with Gejo at ManpowerGroup on a large international datacenter migration project. Gejo supported me all the way and showed his professionalism and committment as we operated together in a major-challenging project with changing requirements, yet he managed to get the work done and keep his team motivated.

Gejo is a hardworking, responsible and deadline oriented manager but also characteristic for Gejo is his openness and transparency.

In addition to this Gejo has a great personality and relates well to everyone.”

— Jannes Alink, Interim Projectmanager, Jannes reported to Gejo at ManpowerGroup

Marc Woesthuis

“I know Gejo from an ERP implementation project we have started up for NRC. Being together in the steering committee I got to know Gejo as a dedicated and goal oriented team player. Gejo has a natural drive to make sure the milestones are being achieved as planned. He really knows how to keep a clear focus on those goals but never underestimates the importance of a good team spirit. It was great working together with Gejo.”

— Marc Woesthuis, Manager Service Delivery – Fashion & Retail, K3 Business Solutions B.V.

Michel Knops

“Gejo and I worked together in realizing the move of all NRC Handelsblad IT facilities from Rotterdam and Amsterdam, in the meanwhile making all server and storage platforms fully redundant. A complex job in which continuity of the newspaper was not to be interrupted. Gejo proved to be an seasoned IT manager knowing how to assess and manage risk keeping both short and long term interests balanced. The project became the most enjoyable one I have ever been involved in, but more importantly, also the most flawless one. If you’re looking for rock solid IT (turn around) managament by an enjoyable character, look no further: Gejo is the man of choice.”

— Michel Knops, Project manager, Intermax

Ed Bontekoe

“I was working with Gejo during the transition NRC from the Pers Groep to full independence. This was really a complicated project. Goal-oriented, team player, Highly knowledgeable in theTechnical Domain It was fantastic to work with Gejo. He is extreme in control, immerses himself in everything. Says what he thinks, straightforward and reliable. Not often someone works so hard to see the goal. Keep the team (s) motivated, a real people manager. A cost driven innovator.”

— Ed Bontekoe, Sr.Project Manager, NRC Handelsblad, was with another company when working with Gejo at NRC Handelsblad

Rene Klunder van Gijen

“I have really enjoyed working with Gejo. He is real professional, very dedicated, a real bridge builder and a people’s person. He is a strategic thinker and is very good in positioning his case. He was always trying to bring people to a higher level by coaching them.”

— Rene Klunder van Gijen, Head of Project Management the Netherlands, Orange Business Services, worked with Gejo at Orange Business Services, formerly Equant

Emile Schipperijn

“Gejo and myself worked closely on the same account for 2 years, which I experienced very pleasant. Gejo is very dedicated and knowledgable, committed and takes ownership for his responsibility area. We learned a lot from each other – professionally and personally. Thanks for our time together. Wish you all the luck in the
near future. Best Regards, Emile”

— Emile Schipperijn, Sr PM / Team Leader, Orange Business Services, worked directly with Gejo at Orange Business Services, formerly Equant