Remmelt Otten

“Gejo is one of those treasured ICT-experts who can bridge the gap between management and IT. You can rely on him for technical knowledge and managing the ICT-department. At the same time he understands and supports the long term strategic and financial direction of the company.”

— Remmelt Otten, Events & New Business, NRC Media, worked with Gejo at NRC Handelsblad

Henk de Vries

“From 1998 until 2005 I worked for the Dutch Oracle Consulting business unit ISM (Information Systems Management), later on known as Managed Services. Gejo was one of the founding fathers of ISM and later on business unit manager until 2005. With his endless creativity, dedication and enthusiasm he turned ISM into a very profitable and successful part of Oracle Consulting in the Netherlands. I know Gejo van der Kaaden as a business unit manager, committed to his job and the business unit he is managing and also providing a good working and social atmosphere within the unit. It’s a pleasure to work with Gejo as colleague and for Gejo as manager. On the personal level he is a motivator, with very special sense of humor, not work-related interest in and sympathizing with people and protecting the people for overload.”

— Henk de Vries, Senior consultant Oracle EBS, Oracle Netherlands, worked directly with Gejo at Oracle