Tjitse Kooistra

“Gejo is a an analytical person with great experience and deep recognition of IT solutions in relation with business requirements. He is a tough but honest negotiator and in the long term he is able to create a high valued partnership. Furthermore he creates structure, cohesion and leadership in a complex organization with high pressured deadlines.”

— Tjitse Kooistra, Sales Manager, Intermax, was a consultant or contractor to Gejo at NRC Handelsblad

Erik van Helden

“Ik heb Gejo leren kennen als de ICT manager van NRC die met zeer veel enthousiasme en kennis van zaken ervoor zorgde dat ICT diensten en projecten soepel verliepen. Zowel zijn zakelijke als persoonlijke manier van werken spraken mij zeer aan. Een manager die letterlijk 24 uur per dag oprechte betrokkenheid had voor
de dienstverlening maar ook voor het (ingehuurde) personeel.”

— Erik van Helden, Consultant, Conclusion Future Infrastructure Technologies, reported to Gejo at NRC Handelsblad

Ed Bontekoe

“I was working with Gejo during the transition NRC from the Pers Groep to full independence. This was really a complicated project. Goal-oriented, team player, Highly knowledgeable in theTechnical Domain It was fantastic to work with Gejo. He is extreme in control, immerses himself in everything. Says what he thinks, straightforward and reliable. Not often someone works so hard to see the goal. Keep the team (s) motivated, a real people manager. A cost driven innovator.”

— Ed Bontekoe, Sr.Project Manager, NRC Handelsblad, was with another company when working with Gejo at NRC Handelsblad

Remmelt Otten

“Gejo is one of those treasured ICT-experts who can bridge the gap between management and IT. You can rely on him for technical knowledge and managing the ICT-department. At the same time he understands and supports the long term strategic and financial direction of the company.”

— Remmelt Otten, Events & New Business, NRC Media, worked with Gejo at NRC Handelsblad

Cyrille Grobben

“Ik ken Gejo als een zeer deskundig en betrokken professional op zijn vakgebied ICT. Hij is in staat gebleken organisatorisch al technisch ingewikkelde ICT-projecten met succes tijdig af te ronden.Gejo kent de markt erg goed.Ik heb vertrouwen in zijn kunnen en persoon.”

— Cyrille Grobben, SR Accountmanager Corporate Sales, Tele2 Zakelijk, was a consultant or contractor to Gejo at NRC Handelsblad

Krista M. Schellevis

“Als Head of ICT bij NRC Media heb ik Gejo leren kennen als een vakkundig collega. Duidelijk in het informeren over de ict-knelpunten en oplossingen bij productieverstoringen. Doelgericht aansturend op verbeteringen van de systemen om de krant te kunnen maken.”

— Krista M. Schellevis, Productie redacteur/ Trafficer, NRC Media, worked with Gejo at NRC Handelsblad

Mike Philippens

“Gejo was my ‘mentor’ at the ISM (now: Managed Services) division of Oracle Netherlands. He thought me a lot with regards to the Service Level Management side of the job and how to deal with customers. He’s a great guy to work with; (dead)serious when he has to be, but there’s also time enough for a joke. He knows his stuff very well, and he’s always prepared to explain things or help you out. And he stands behind ‘his men’; he won’t sell you out if that’s politically or commercially convenient for him. I enjoyed working with and for him.”

— Mike Philippens, Oracle Consultant, Oracle Corporation, reported to Gejo at Oracle

Emile Schipperijn

“Gejo and myself worked closely on the same account for 2 years, which I experienced very pleasant. Gejo is very dedicated and knowledgable, committed and takes ownership for his responsibility area. We learned a lot from each other – professionally and personally. Thanks for our time together. Wish you all the luck in the
near future. Best Regards, Emile”

— Emile Schipperijn, Sr PM / Team Leader, Orange Business Services, worked directly with Gejo at Orange Business Services, formerly Equant