Yvette Meijer

“As Head of Customer Services at NRC Media BV I was highly dependent on excellent performance of our business systems, such as telephony (ACD, AVR) and subscribers database to provide best service to our customers. I can only say that i received excellent customer service from Gejo and his department each time, not only when projects such as new systems needed to be switched over and implemented, but also on a day to day operational basis. Gejo is always focussed to deliver a quick, yet thorough solution to a customers problem/incident/challenge.”

— Yvette Meijer, Head of Customer Services, NRC Media B.V., worked with Gejo at NRC Handelsblad

Kees van der Westen

“Gejo is a very honest, reliable, accountable IT Manager. He has a strong understanding of business interests and can develop a clear and valuable IT strategy based on that. In the execution of this strategy he is capable of setting the right goals in time and communicates clearly on this on all organizational levels. Working with Gejo was a pleasure. His getting-things-done state of mind was a real match.”

— Kees van der Westen, Projectmanager Carve-out, NRC Handelsblad, worked directly with Gejo at NRC Handelsblad

Tjitse Kooistra

“Gejo is a an analytical person with great experience and deep recognition of IT solutions in relation with business requirements. He is a tough but honest negotiator and in the long term he is able to create a high valued partnership. Furthermore he creates structure, cohesion and leadership in a complex organization with high pressured deadlines.”

— Tjitse Kooistra, Sales Manager, Intermax, was a consultant or contractor to Gejo at NRC Handelsblad

Remmelt Otten

“Gejo is one of those treasured ICT-experts who can bridge the gap between management and IT. You can rely on him for technical knowledge and managing the ICT-department. At the same time he understands and supports the long term strategic and financial direction of the company.”

— Remmelt Otten, Events & New Business, NRC Media, worked with Gejo at NRC Handelsblad

Krista M. Schellevis

“Als Head of ICT bij NRC Media heb ik Gejo leren kennen als een vakkundig collega. Duidelijk in het informeren over de ict-knelpunten en oplossingen bij productieverstoringen. Doelgericht aansturend op verbeteringen van de systemen om de krant te kunnen maken.”

— Krista M. Schellevis, Productie redacteur/ Trafficer, NRC Media, worked with Gejo at NRC Handelsblad

Petra Teeuwen

“I have worked with Gejo during his time at NorthgateArinso. He was the account manager voor Gemeente Den Haag and was responsible for the allocation of the consultants that were working in my team. Gejo is a very open and reliable business partner, who has a good feeling for the situation at the customer site and
works together with the customer to enable the customer to deliver a high service.”

— Petra Teeuwen, Project Pegasus, gemeente Den Haag, was with another company when working with Gejo at NorthgateArinso, formerly ARINSO